Protecting your investment when you are away is virtually impossible! We can offer you a solution providing you peace of mind knowing that there is someone local to keep an eye out on your property. 

In the case of you or your guests misplacing a key we can provide a replacement service. We can hold a key to your property for such an event or for use in the unlikely case of an emergency. All keys will be kept securely and signed both in and out.

Throughout the year any mail can be collected and forwarded together with any meter readings etc to yourselves.

We will check your property when and as often as you require.  We offer a wide range of all year round property checks ranging from checking just the house, to including outbuildings, pools and boundary fences.

We will respond to your property following any alarm activation or report of crime where we are notified and required.

If you have guests or tenants in your property whom you believe are abusing it, we can attend to look for and document any such behaviour or damage. We will of course contact you for guidance on any action you wish taken.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for if either you or your guests have a problem and be in a position to attend if required.

Other security work can be undertaken to give you peace of mind.